We navigate the complex world of electronic payments to help you find the right merchant service solution. From startups to Fourtune 500 companies, we’ve got you covered.


Our Relationship with multiple processing partners guarantees you’ll always pay less.


From ordering to installation, we’ve thought of everything to ensure you receive a solution your team will love. We’re with you every step of the way.


Our obsession with getting you “up and running” means we only use proven, reliable solutions so you never miss a beat.

Committed to helping you navigate the complex world of merchant account solutions.

Afirmpay can help you find the right solution for your business needs. Contact us today and experience the difference.

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Client Testimonials

I hired Afirmpay because I was placed on the terminated merchant list after a customer used a counterfeit card to purchase furniture from my store. I was using a “high-risk” processor, paying almost 5%, having fees taken out daily, and having to wait a few days to receive my deposits.

Chelsie was able to get me an account with a bank onshore and saved me more than 2% overall. We now receive all of our deposits the next day.

She also set us up with a system to send us a notification if we have a dispute/chargeback so that we can resolve the issue before the bank is notified.

We received 5 disputes within the first month of working with Afirmpay and their team put together all the paperwork to submit to the bank so that we would win each case. We were just funded on the transactions this week. Almost $10,000!

We cannot thank Afirmpay enough for their commitment to our business success. We have been in business almost 20 years and would not consider using anyone else.

I really appreciate how hard you are. Further, as an entrepreneur and work-o-holic, I am quite impressed by how hard you work and how tenacious you are!!! Ultimately, if I’m doing business, its with you!
Issac Cohen, My Broker Agent
Chelsie Cooper has been highly professional in our business relationship. She has particularly exhibited great patience while we accomplished what was necessary to move to the next level. She was also very helpful, and responded immediately when she was contacted. I am grateful for the assistance she gave to my company and feel fond of her now personally.
Mary Phillips, Phillips Travel
As a new business, we had already submitted applications with two other companies and were declined. Chelsie worked with us and we were finally able to get approved for a merchant account. Easy, fast, and painless. Thank you Chelsie.
Eduardo Diaz, 1000 Leagues Travel